Compagnie Impériale Chemins de fer Éthiopiens, 1899


Founded in 1896, this French company benefits from a French concession granted by King Menelik to undertake the construction of a railway line from Djibouti to Diré-Daroua.

In 1906, the promoters of the project do not have the necessary capital to carry it out, the situation becomes very precarious and the company is put into liquidation in 1907.

Eager to make Djibouti the exit for the foreign trade of Ethiopia, the French government proposes to the Bank of Indochina, through a new company, to resume the concession by providing the necessary capital for the completion of the railway. and its extension to Addis Ababa.

After the negotiations and with the agreement of England and Italy, the “Railway Company of Djibouti in Addis Ababa” was founded and took over the assets of the imperial company.

The line, 784 kilometers long, was completed in 1917.

Drawing of L. Bombled showing King Menelik on horseback waiting for the train.

Magnificent certificate of large dimensions and in perfect condition despite its 119 years.


Country of Issue: France

Main Office: Paris

Country of Activity: Ethiopia

Issue: 36.000

Date of the Certificate: 14th of December 1899

Coupons attached: 48

Conservation: EF

Cancelation: NC

Decoration: DD-V-MDV

Hand written signatures: Yes

Measurements without coupons (width x height, cm): 33 x 43

Measurements with coupons (width x height, cm): 33 x 65


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