American Car and Foundry Company, 1952


This company makes for a collection on itself!

The American Car and Foundry (ACF) is a north American company that manufactured railroad cars. One of its subsidiaries also manufactured trolley coaches with the name of ACF first and ACF-Brill later.

The company was formed and incorporated in New Jersey in 1899 as a result of the merger of 13 smaller existing companies:

Buffalo Car Manufacturing Company (Founded en 1872 en Buffalo, New York)

Ensign Manufacturing Company (1872 – Huntington, West Virginia)

Jackson and Woodin Manufacturing Company (1861 – Berwick, Pennsylvania)

Michigan-Peninsular Car Company (1892 – Detroit, Michigan)

Minerva Car Works (1882 – Minerva, Ohio)

Missouri Car and Foundry Company (1865 – St Louis, Missouri)

Murray, Dougal and Company (1864 – Milton, Pennsylvania)

Niagara Car Wheel Company (Buffalo, New York)

Ohio Falls Car Company (1876 – Jeffersonville, Indiana)

St Charles Car Company (1873 – St Charles, Missouri)

Terre Haute Car Company (Terre Haute, Indiana)

Union Car Company (Depew, New York)

Wells and French Company (1869 – Chicago, Illinois)


From then on…

In 1899 acquired Bloomsburg Car Manufacturing

In 1901 acquired the Jackson and Sharp Company and the Common Sense Bolster Company

In 1904 the Southern Car and Foundry

In 1905 the Indianapolis Car and Foundry and the Indianapolis Car Company

In 1922 it taps into the automobiles and acquires the Carter Carburetor Corporation

In 1924 acquires Pacific Car and Foundry

In 1925 the Fageol Motors Company of Ohio and the Hall-Scott Motor Car Company

In 1926 acquires the J.G. Brill Company, with whom it merges in 1944 forming the ACF-Brill Motors Company.

In 1927 the Shippers Car Line

In 1954 changes its name to  ACF Industries Inc.

Also in 1954 it acquires the  Engineering and Research Corporation


And in 1984…. the company itself is purchased by Carl Icahn

And in 2003 it changes its name to  ACF Industries LLC



Country of Issue: USA

Date of Certificate: September 30th, 1952

Measures (width x height, cm): 30,5 x 20,5

Hand written signatures: No

Conservation: VF

Cancelation: PIH-PUH

Decoration: V

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