American Bank Note Company, 1948

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The American Bank Note Company, founded in New York in 1795, printed bank notes and stamps for many of the states as well as for private banks. It was not until 1862 that the federal government took over the job of producing money, and American Bank Note soon was printing U.S. currency in denominations of ones, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds.

When the United States began printing its own money, American Bank Note had to find other customers. By the end of the century, the company was supplying bank notes for 48 countries, and was also printing stock certificates, bonds, and checks, including the new “traveler’s checks” introduced by American Express Company in 1891.

More about the company can be found at Reference for Business.



Country of Issue: USA

Date of Certificate: January 6th, 1948

Measures (width x height, cm): 32 x 21,5

Hand written signatures: No

Conservation: F

Cancelation: PIH-PUH

Decoration: V

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